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Children need your help learning to identify how they and others feel, and how to appropriately express feelings. Parenting Press parenting books explain why kids feel the way they do; how to help them recognize, communicate and manage those emotions; and how to introduce the concept that feelings are not the same as actions.

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Dealing with Disappointment

This practical, easy-to-read guide introduces parents to the concept of emotional competency, beginning with teaching children to identify and acknowledge their feelings. It provides exercises and examples that demonstrate how even toddlers can cope with their emotions. More . . .

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What Am I Feeling?

John Gottman’s Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting, his best known parenting guide, served as a basis for this introduction to parenting styles. It describes the five important steps that Dr. Gottman explains are part of “emotion coaching” children. More . . .

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What Angry Kids Need

This comprehensive look at children’s anger explains why kids get angry, what anger management skills they (and the entire family) can be taught, how parents can model anger management techniques—and how parents can cope when nothing seems to work. More . . .

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Living with the Active Alert Child

Bright, energetic children are also often very sensitive, and understanding how intense their emotional responses can be will help you as you guide these kids from toddler through teen years, teaching them to recognize and cope with emotional highs and lows. More . . .

Last updated February 01, 2017