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About the Author:

Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

My Beliefs

There are many good ways to parent. The more alternatives a person considers, the more likely he or she will find something that works for all involved.

Elizabeth Crary has over 20 years experience as a parent educator and over 30 years working with children. She teaches parent education for North Seattle Community College and independently.

Ms. Crary is a frequently requested speaker for parenting and professional groups across the United States and Canada. She has been on more than 350 radio or TV shows including the Oprah Winfrey show and Dateline NBC.

Elizabeth is the author of over 60 books and articles for parents and children. However, she considers herself more a parent educator than an author.

Her books are the outgrowth of her experience as a parent and those of the parents she works with. Her first book, Without Spanking or Spoiling, began as a handout for a class she was teaching. Kids Can Cooperate offers negotiation skills. It was written after she discovered that her daughter (age 4) was more skillful at negotiation than her school-aged son.

While she was writing Kids Can Cooperate, Elizabeth wanted to reference children’s books that encourage social problem solving. She found none, so she developed the Children’s Problem Solving Books (I Want It, I Can’t Wait, etc.). Similarly, when she could not find books that showed children how to think about feelings, she wrote the Dealing with Feelings Series and the Feelings for Little Children series.

Recently, Ms. Crary has been developing the STAR Parenting approach to child guidance. The word “STAR” represents the problem solving process (Stop, Think, Act, and Review) and the five points of the star stand for five areas of effective parenting. STAR parenting is introduced in her book Love & Limits. The STAR approach is adapted to children’s quarrels in her newest book Help! The Kids Are at It Again.

Elizabeth lives in Seattle with her husband. Both of their children are now grown, and she sees them on holidays. When she is not developing new material for parents, she enjoys working in her vegetable garden.

Elizabeth can be contacted through Parenting Press.

Elizabeth Crary

Author’s web site

Parenting Books
STAR Parenting Tales and Tools
Am I Doing Too Much for My Child?
Without Spanking or Spoiling
Children and Chores
Kids Can Cooperate
Pick Up Your Socks
Love & Limits
Help! The Kids Are at It Again
Parenting Tips & Tools: Understanding Young Children
Practical Tips & Tools: Understanding School-aged Children

Tools for Everyday Parenting
Magic Tools for Raising Kids
365 Wacky, Wonderful Ways to Get Your Children to Do What You Want

Children’s Books
Problem Solving Series
I Want It, I Can’t Wait,
I Want to Play,
Mommy, Don’t Go,
I’m Lost, and My Name is Not Dummy

Dealing with Feelings
I’m Mad, I’m Scared,
I’m Proud, I’m Furious,
I’m Excited, and
I’m Frustrated

Feelings for Little Children Series
When You’re Happy and You Know It
When you’re MAD . . .
When you’re SILLY . . .
When you’re SHY . . .

Decision Is Yours Series
Finders, Keepers?

Kids Can Choose Series
Amy’s Disappearing Pickle
Heidi’s Irresistible Hat
Willy’s Noisy Sister

“Emotional Literacy”
24 Simple Self-Calming Tools
Dealing with Disappointment: Helping Kids Cope When Things Don’t Go Their Way
Feeling Elf Cards & Games
Self-Calming Cards
One Dozen Feeling Games (out of print)

Other Material
Talking With Your Child About War
10 Tips to Help Your Kids Deal with Violence
Leaders Guide for
Without Spanking or Spoiling

The Parent Report Card
Historical Activity Guide

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Last updated January 19, 2014