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Early Childhood Professionals

Those of you who guide young children will find a variety of materials available from Parenting Press. Our authors discuss development, so you and parents will know what to expect as infants grow into toddlers and then into preschoolers. They discuss temperament, so all of you adults will better understand how the pace of development and children’s reactions to situations can vary so dramatically. And our authors focus on emotions, so you can help children recognize and appropriately express how they feel.

Biting, sleep, toilet training, separation anxiety, sharing and grief are among other topics handled in Parenting Press materials especially oriented to those who care for young children. Some of those written for children use a branching-path format that allows kids to determine the plot line; several have teacher guides with detailed suggestions for activities. For the youngest children, use sturdy board books: The Way I Feel and the Feelings for Little Children Series, a set of four describing shyness, silliness, happiness and anger.

Besides our traditional print books, you’ll find card decks, and the 32-page Qwik Books. Plus, we offer classroom activity plans. None of these has any advertising.

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Last updated February 01, 2017