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Decision Is Yours Series

illustrated by Rebekah Strecker

Reviews and Comments

“Some books would have everything turn out perfectly if the protagonist makes the ‘right’ decision. This particular book supports good choices, but also makes it clear the good choices do not always have perfect outcomes. . ..Each book [in the Decision Is Yours series] deals with common dilemmas. . ..At the end of each page, the reader is asked to make an ethical choice. Based on the choice, the story takes a different branching path. Positive, negative and intermediate outcomes are available. Have recommended this series to an elementary school that was developing an ethics curriculum.”
Best Parenting Books,
“At the end of every page, the reader is asked to make an ethical choice . . . Positive, negative and intermediate outcomes are available. The potential outcomes are not sugar-coated . . . Even some of the good choices have tricky outcomes, like in the real world.”
Northern County Psychiatric Associates, Baltimore
“A problem-solving format that begs for class discussion. . .”
—Northwest Center for Children’s Literature
“This is an intriguing format that many kids enjoy.”
PTA Our Children magazine

Recommended by:

  • Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association
  • “Using Children’s Literature to Address Bullying,” Anti-Defamation League

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Useful for 7–11 years
64 pages each
Paperback prices:
Bully on the Bus $7.95
Under Whose Influence? $7.95
Finders, Keepers? $8.95
Making the Grade $7.95
First Day Blues $8.95
$16.95 library (each)
Buy all five books and
get a 20% discount.

An accompanying leader’s guide is also available.

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About the Authors:
Peggy King Anderson
Carl W. Bosch
Elizabeth Crary
Judy Laik

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Last updated May 28, 2014