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Decision Is Yours Series

illustrated by Rebekah Strecker

Teaching children values when they are young and impressionable seems relatively easy. As they grow older, however, peer pressure and their own feelings may confuse them. The Decision Is Yours series offers realistic dilemmas commonly faced by young people. Each story allows readers to choose from a series of alternatives and to decide, with the safe environment of the book, what happens next.

Approved by the California Department of Education for supplemental use in the classroom. Complies with California’s social content requirements.

Bully on the Bus by Carl W. Bosch—Jack is being teased by the fifth-grade bully on the school bus. Readers help Jack decide whether to ignore him, ask an adult for help, or fight back.

Under Whose Influence? by Judy Laik—Jamie goes home with some friends to work on a school project together. Her friends decide to sample their parents’ liquor cabinet, and they want Jamie to join them. What should Jamie do?

Finders, Keepers? by Elizabeth Crary—What will Tyrone do when his friend wants him to “borrow” money from a wallet they found? Readers explore peer pressure and the consequences of stealing.

Making the Grade by Carl W. Bosch—Jenny puts more energy into soccer than into her grades. When she gets a poor report card, she has to decide whether to tell her parents, cheat on a test, or get help from the teacher.

First Day Blues by Peggy King Anderson—Megan’s first day at a new school in a new town has made her very nervous. How can she get over the jitters and make new friends?

Book cover

Useful for 7–11 years
64 pages each
Paperback prices:
Bully on the Bus $7.95
Under Whose Influence? $7.95
Finders, Keepers? $8.95
Making the Grade $7.95
First Day Blues $8.95
$16.95 library (each)
Buy all five books and
get a 20% discount.

An accompanying leader’s guide is also available.


About the Authors:
Peggy King Anderson
Carl W. Bosch
Elizabeth Crary
Judy Laik

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Last updated May 28, 2014