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Death, Grief and Loss

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How do we prepare children for the inevitable losses in life? And when loss occurs, what can help us help them? Several carefully written publications describe how grieving can differ from person to person, situation to situation, and how we can acknowledge and express our grief and move toward acceptance.

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25 Things to Do

This book helps children, parents and teachers understand the many different kinds of losses that children suffer and the grieving process. It also explains the importance of expressing grief physically and provides instructions for dozens of ways for working out the anger, confusion and sadness of grief. More . . .

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My Grandma Died

A gentle story for the very young that describes grief and the permanence of death. It explains that it’s normal to feel angry, frightened, and sad when grieving. Carefully researched and reviewed by therapists, this book suggests practical ways for preschool and primary-age children to cope with loss. More . . .

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Where Is My Mommy?

Ideal for therapeutic child care programs, school and preschool counselors and social workers, in support groups and individual counseling, and by family members, guardians and foster parents. Especially helpful in situations without closure such as abandonment. Also helps children too young to understand deployment and other long absences. More . . .

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On the Wings of a Butterfly

What can be more difficult than talking to children about death? This story about a young cancer patient who finds comfort in her friendship with a caterpillar was created to encourage discussion about death as a normal part of life. An uplifting way to share fears and concerns about the unknown. More . . .

Last updated February 01, 2017