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The problem-solving focus of Parenting Press children’s books has been recognized by many curriculum developers and by state education departments and home-schoolers. Here are examples of the formal approval our titles have received from educators.

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The Way I Feel

The 32-page edition of this book about emotions is included in:

  • McGraw-Hill’s Language for Learning/Reading Mastery Programs

  • Zaner-Bloser’s Grade K Comprehensive Reading Program, “Voices Reading: Literacy to Live By”

  • Harcourt Achieve’s Rigby Literacy Kindergarten program

  • AbleNet’s Creative Curricular Programs for Teaching Students with Disabilities

  • Recommendations of the International Reading Association

The California Department of Education has approved several Parenting Press publications including The Way I Feel, its Spanish edition, Así me siento yo, and the new companion book, The Way I Act, for supplemental use in California public schools, one of the largest school markets in the world.

Other books approved by the California Department of Education for supplemental use in the classroom are:

Bully on the Bus and Under Whose Influence?

These you-choose-what-happens-next books are licensed to the Phoenix Learning Group for video productions in its Health programs for upper elementary and middle school students.

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Last updated January 07, 2014