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Concerned that you're too permissive? Or too strict? Here are guides full of advice from experienced parents that will help you determine if your expectations are realistic.

Parenting Press child guidance books offer step-by-step how-to advice you can use right now whether you're dealing with toddler tantrums, toilet training, or adolescent angst.

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STAR Parenting Tales and Tools

Talk to the mothers, father, grandparents and parent educators who’ve used Elizabeth Crary’s STAR Parenting Program and you’ll hear one rave review after another. Now a new book gives you the same strategies, based on Crary’s decades of experience with real families’ real issues. It offers stories about families just like yours—and all sorts of suggestions for developing your own creative solutions to both everyday and serious situations. More . . .

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What Angry Kids Need

This readable guide to children’s and adults’ anger explains the legitimate reasons that kids may be angry or may think they are. You’ll find step-by-step recommendations, charts, lists and sample scenarios that help you understand your role in teaching children to handle strong emotions. More . . .

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Grounded for Life?!

If you're exhausted, exasperated, or just plain scared about parenting teens and tweens, here's a road map from a social worker who survived the adolescence of her own six children. More . . .

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Help! The Kids Are at It Again

Give your kids the interpersonal skills they need now—and throughout life—by using sibling squabbles to teach them "people" skills. Find out the four essential skills.

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Love & Limits

You can set limits in a loving manner. This practical guide shows how. The process is based on 5 areas of healthy parenting and has 15 parent-tested tools. Review the tools.

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Without Spanking or Spoiling

This classic guide offers dozens of examples and exercises to help you choose how you want to rear your children. More . . .

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Why Don't You Understand?

Don’t understand your spouse? Or your kids? And you’re convinced they don’t understand you? Susie Leonard Weller’s new Why Don't You Understand? Improve Family Communication with the 4 Thinking Styles explains how all of our interactions are affected by the way our brains work. When we understand how we think, and how others either think differently or similarly, we are better prepared to communicate with everyone in our lives: partners, children, colleagues, friends and extended family. More . . .

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Redirecting Children’s Behavior

If you're looking for a new approach to discipline, look at these suggestions for creating win-win situations with your kids. More . . .

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When time-outs don't work, what do you do? Time-In offers four new tools that teach responsibility, cooperation, love, and limits. More . . .

Last updated February 01, 2017