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Feelings for Little Children Series

by Elizabeth Crary, M.S. and Shari Steelsmith

illustrated by Mits Katayama

Reviews and Comments

Cited in the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Early Childhood Section of the Parent Handbook: Early Social and Emotional Development and Approaches to Learning and in school district and cooperative extension publications, the Feelings for Little Children board books have received such media recognition as:

“Perfect for small children. Lively illustrations and simple rhymes teach toddlers healthy and safe ways to express their feelings. Youngsters learn what it means to feel silly, shy, happy and mad. They discover that sometimes it’s okay to scowl, as well as smile. Wonderful books for parents and even the tiniest tots to read and talk about together.”
USA Today
“Designed to help toddlers learn to talk about emotions.”
Publishers Weekly
“An outstanding four title board book series for preschool through kindergarten kids wonderfully illustrated by Mits Katayama.”
Children’s Bookwatch

Family Channel Seal of Quality

Family Channel
Seal of Quality

Book cover

Useful for 1–3 years
10 pages
$7.95 each

Book Description

Inside the Books:
When You’re Happy
When You’re Mad
When You’re Shy
When You’re Silly

About the Authors:
Elizabeth Crary
Shari Steelsmith

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Last updated June 06, 2014