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The Biting Solution

The Expert’s No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Early Childhood Educators

by Lisa Poelle, M.A.

Reviews and Comments

The script for intervening will help our team be more consistent.
—Staff member, child care center for day- and after-school care
Particularly liked the book’s “Instructive Intervention Pocket Guide.”
—Child care center teacher
So many good and practical ideas for preventing biting and other hurtful behaviors.
—Workshop participant
I learned to model compassion for the victim, rather than demand an apology from the aggressive child.
—Participant, New York City child care teachers’ workshop
I left this session better prepared to understand the possible reasons for a child’s challenging behavior and how to prevent it.
—Staff member, child care center for day- and after-school care
Your suggestions have helped with the student most prone to biting and the others as well. Their favorite word is ‘mine’ and each of them know how to use it correctly. This eliminates many of the situations that used to cause a student to bite. We cannot thank you enough for your help.
—Toddler teacher, child care center
Poelle gives me the tools to deal with difficult behaviors.
—Seminar attendee
As a teacher-trainer, I can use this information for all types of challenging behavior.
—Early childhood professional
Now I am better able to explain to classroom teachers what needs to be addressed with biters.
—Early childhood professional
Presenter is absolutely wonderful and extremely knowledgeable.
—Workshop attendee
Highly informative!
—Workshop attendee
Excellent training. Learned a lot from it!
—Workshop attendee
I bought this after my 11-month-old had a few biting incidents at daycare. I was distraught, unsure how to help him learn not to do this. The Biting Solution gave me a clear plan of action. It explains how to correct a pre-verbal child in a way that he will understand, and that actually works — within two weeks or so of being corrected, my son stopped biting. The book is also really helpful in that it explains the child’s point of view at various stages of development. Having a sense of what my son was thinking when he bites was incredibly helpful so that I could anticipate when it might happen and avoid putting him in that situation. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a help dealing with this challenging phase.
—Mother of infant
A treasure of positive solutions to a vexing problem. Poelle describes the importance of understanding the reasons for children biting, and the necessity of responding to the biting firmly and kindly. . ..The message is clear: parents and teachers must change their behavior before children change theirs. Instructions on how to handle biting are clear and well laid out. . ..This book should be in the hands of every parent, and on the bookshelf as a resource for every preschool.
—Lesley Iwinski, MD
Growing Peaceful Families
Great book! Parents and teachers get a better understanding of why young children resort to hurting each other, plus effective, concrete ideas to prevent and respond to these problem behaviors.
—Lauren Kuehn
Director, Green Hills Pre-school, Los Gatos, CA
Lisa Poelle’s firm, warm writing style calms and empowers. . . . A worthwhile read for parents and educational professionals.
—Jennifer Butch
early childhood educator, New York City Early Childhood Professional Development
A must-have book for parents and teachers of young children. . . . The examples of actual situations and customized solutions clearly illustrate how to use this method with children of different ages.
—Stephanie Dockweiler, M.A.
President, QS2 Training and Consulting
Very effective and wise solutions that work.
—Ellen Galinsky
President, Families and Work Institute; author (most recently), Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Skills Every Child Needs
As the child care center director of numerous programs, I have consistently used Lisa Poelle’s advice in tackling myriad challenges. I highly recommend her book to both early childhood educators and parents.
—Joan Campanella-Shutt
The Biting Solution offers sound advice about how to eliminate hurtful behavior . . . which is often misunderstood and not always respectfully extinguished. . . . A must-read for childcare providers, parents of young children, and parents of twins.
—Dianne Thomas
licensed marriage and family therapist, twins specialist, and parent educator
I have never seen such an effective tool for dealing with socially unacceptable behaviors as in The Biting Solution. I have personally witnessed complete behavioral transformations in students who were once deemed problematic. This book is an invaluable resource for all parents and teachers.
—Jill Howard
Executive Director, Preschool of America
It was quite interesting to learn about what different factors contribute to certain behaviors such as biting.
—Workshop participant
I learned. . .what to use in certain situations to solve all kinds of classroom problems. Everything was helpful for me.
—Workshop participant
I learned so much on finding solutions. Lisa knows her stuff.
—Workshop participant
Easy to understand how to implement new strategies in the child’s behavior. How to search for what really is happening in a child’s life.
—Workshop participant
A great instructor, very well informed about the topic.
—Workshop participant
Nothing was working. . . .I had sought help from the pediatrician, dentist and the day care, [which] wanted to refer my son for Early Childhood Intervention. It is the most horrible feeling to know that your child is hurting other kids . . . When I read a case study of Lisa Poelle’s, I knew this was different. She does not offer one simple solution for biting. . . . This book gave me new insight into why my son had a biting problem . . . Biting incidents have dramatically decreased and I feel we will be through this stage of life very quickly.
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Especially valuable with toddlers, two-year-olds and those with special needs
128 pages
$13.95 paperback

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Last updated January 19, 2016