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The Biting Solution

by Lisa Poelle, M.A.




How to Use This Book

Part I: Adults’ Feelings and Actions

Biting: A Tremendous Challenge

Responding to Biting When It Happens

Part II: Demystify Misbehavior with the Seven Questions

Question 1
How Much of the Child’s Behavior Is related to Typical Social/Emotional Development?

Question 2
What Past Experiences or recent Changes May Be Creating Stress?

Question 3
Is the Lack of Verbal Skills Causing Frustration?

Question 4
Is the Child’s Physical Condition a Contributing Factor?

Question 5
What role Does the Child’s Temperament Play in the Behavior?

Question 6
What Effect Does the Physical Environment of the Home or Early Childhood Program Have on the Child?

Question 7
What Kind of Limit Setting Is the Child Experiencing at Home and with Other Caregivers or Teachers?

Part III: Case Studies

Ethan, 18 Months Old
Biting games, Body Boundaries, and High Energy

Sophia, 21 Months Old
Bad Habits, Challenging Temperament, and Boring Toys

Lukas, 22 Months Old
Bottles, Blame, and Boredom

Abigail, 2 Years Old
Divorce, Negative Attention, and Family Day Care Dynamics

Jayden, 3 Years Old
Social Inexperience, Speech Problems, and Sibling Issues

Part IV: The Action Plan

Create Your Action Plan

Solving Other Hurtful Behaviors with the Seven Questions

Appendix I

Temperament Worksheet Form

Action Plan Worksheet Form

Injury report Form

Incident report Form

Appendix II

Turn-taking Tips

Appendix III

Sample Starter Phrases, Active Listening, Feeling Phrases, and Difficult Feeling Words

Appendix IV

Biting Solution Pocket guide

Appendix V

Lyrics to Two Songs that Teach Alternatives to Biting

Appendix VI



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Especially valuable with toddlers, two-year-olds and those with special needs
128 pages
$13.95 paperback

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Last updated May 23, 2014