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The Biting Solution

The Expert’s No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Early Childhood Educators

by Lisa Poelle, M.A.

Written by a child care consultant whose specialties include stopping—and even better, preventing—kids from biting, this practical guide is oriented to childcare providers, nannies, and parents. Its realistic advice walks you through:

  • what to do immediately after a child bites
  • how to determine why a child bites
  • the child development and temperament issues that can lead to biting

In addition, author Poelle includes a puppet show script and a song that adults can use to help kids learn to communicate without biting, hitting or other inappropriate behavior

Book Cover

Especially valuable with toddlers, two-year-olds and those with special needs
128 pages
$13.95 paperback

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Last updated May 23, 2014