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All My Feelings at Preschool
Nathan’s Day

by Susan Conlin & Susan Levine Friedman

illustrated by M. Kathryn Smith

Reviews and Comments

“[The] authors describe feelings in ways that children can understand and then express in non-hurtful ways. . .Sensitive pencil drawings. . .perfectly capture children’s emotions.”
Grand Forks Herald
“Encourages children to talk about and explore their feelings and understand how their actions affect the feelings of others.”
The Capital (Annapolis)
“Offers concrete, common incidents that serve as a springboard to discussion so young children can begin to identify and understand their feelings.”
“The task of choosing a caregiver can be overwhelming. . .how will your child feel, how will the caregiver respond to your child’s emotional needs?”
Smart Kids
“Gently guides parents in their interaction with preschool-aged children.”
Northwest Baby

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Useful for 3–7 years
32 pages
$7.95 paper
$17.95 library

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Last updated June 03, 2014