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Living with the
Active Alert Child

by Linda Budd, Ph.D.

Reviews and Comments

“I want to thank you for Living with the Active Alert Child: it’s the only source to identify my kid! I refer to it again and again. Yours is also the most clear-headed parenting book I’ve laid my hands on.”
“This book by Linda Budd is wonderful. I want to say thank you for helping me understand my child and look at her in a different light.”
“Practical child-rearing strategies for parents. . . . years of experience with hyperactive children. Dr. Budd outlines the common characteristics of such kids, but focuses on the special parenting strategies needed to cope with their activities. . . .”
Children’s Bookwatch
“Read Living With the Active, Alert Child by Linda S. Budd, an original, well-researched book that will teach you how easy it is to over-stimulate intense children, how hard it is for them to wind down and how parents can bring out the best in them.”
Marguerite Kelly, Washington Post
“Hundreds of practical ideas for coping with high-energy children (it’s not specifically focused on ADHD).”
Parenting Magazine
“My name is Annette . . . and I’m an Active Alert. I’ve known that I was different for most of my life. But when I heard Linda Budd speak about the Active Alert personality type, I knew she was talking about me. Would you describe your child as very active, needing to control things, intense, quite intelligent, fearful, hyperactive, and unable to get along with others? If so, this book is for you. Linda Budd reframes this temperament in a more positive light than we have ever seen. She tells parents how to help active alert children thrive in the family and in school. She gives affirmations for this special group of people and ways for parents to set boundaries, and truly enjoy their children.”
Annette Gagliardi
‘At last someone understands!’ This will certainly be the phrase that many parents will use as they read Linda Budd’s wonderful book describing the active alert child, his characteristics, his needs, how to parent him, and how to take care of yourself while parenting him. . . . If you think that you may have an active alert child, read this book. If some of the ways you are parenting your child don’t seem to be effective, there will be help in this book for you. If you don’t understand how your child learns, this book could be a great source of comfort and information.”
Jean Illsley Clarke
“Budd offers hope, and helps parents and teachers see these highly intense children in a new light.”
Alabama Post Adoption Connections

Feedback from parents includes such comments as:

“We met with you in 1989 regarding our son, who is now very successful due to your ideas for raising an active alert child. Thank you for helping us appreciate our son who I truly believe would have been a totally different child were it not for your book.”

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Third Edition

Useful for 2–18 years
288 pages
$14.95 paper

Book Description
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About the Author:
Linda Budd, Ph.D.

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Last updated March 20, 2015