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Living with the Active Alert Child

by Linda Budd, Ph.D.


(Detailed Contents)

PART I: Loving Your Active Alert Child

1. Do You Live with an Active Alert Child?
2. The Eleven Traits of an Active Alert Child

PART II: Parenting Your Active Alert Child

3. The Three-Part Process of Understanding Your Child
4. Parenting Strategies That Fit Your Child's Needs—and Yours
5. The Puzzle Known as the Family
6. Your Active Alert Child and the Family

PART III: Day by Day with Your Active Alert Child

7. Special Times! Defusing Land Mines with Love
8. How Your Child Learns
9. Further Insights into Living with the Active Alert Child

PART IV: Beyond Childhood

10. Living with the Active Alert Adolscent
11. Active Alerts as Adults
12. Active Alerts as Parents
13. Questions, Please
14. Conclusion

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Third Edition

Useful for 2–18 years
288 pages
$14.95 paper

Book Description
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About the Author:
Linda Budd, Ph.D.

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Last updated May 28, 2014