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Living with the
Active Alert Child

by Linda Budd, Ph.D.

Does your child have more energy, more creativity and more intensity than anyone you’ve ever known? Do you feel as if you’ve been struggling to keep up since Day One? Then this is the book for you.

Psychologist Linda Budd points out there’s nothing wrong with your child: contrary to what others may have insisted, he or she isn’t hyperactive or learning disabled.

And there’s nothing wrong with you, either. You’re not a bad parent because you’re exhausted trying to manage this bright, sensitive, active child.

The first to define a profile for “active alert” children, Dr. Budd provides a clear delineation of common characteristics and helps you understand what motivates children like yours. You’ll also enjoy the case histories and lively anecdotes about the strategies that other parents use to handle their special children.

Extensively revised and updated, this third edition has also been expanded to include a chapter on living with the active alert teenager.

Book Cover

Third Edition

Useful for 2–18 years
288 pages
$14.95 paper

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About the Author:
Linda Budd, Ph.D.

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Last updated May 22, 2015