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Protecting Children and Adolescents from Abuse

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Kids of all ages need to know how to protect themselves from abuse and exploitation and when their homes are violent. These thoughtfully written books avoid alarmist statistics and horror stories, instead providing gentle, nonjudgmental information and illustrations that help adults discuss tough topics with those between 2 and 15.

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Out of Harm’s Way

Out of Harm’s Way: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse Objective, authoritative description of predators and how they target children for molestation. Emphasizes the importance of parents’ role in abuse prevention.

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Safe Connections

Safe Connections: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Teens from Sexual Exploitation The risks facing children as they near puberty and enter their teens, including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation online and in person, and sexting.

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It’s MY Body

It’s MY Body Teaches even toddlers how to resist unwanted touching of any kind. Available in Spanish.

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Telling Isn’t Tattling

Telling Isn’t Tattling Explains that “telling” isn’t always snitching. Helps kids determine what is tattling and what adults need to know.

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The Trouble with Secrets

The Trouble with Secrets Helps children understand when it’s appropriate to keep secrets and when they need to be shared. Available in Spanish.

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Loving Touches

Loving Touches — A Book for Children About Positive, Caring Kinds of Touching Describes the importance of physical affection and teaches children how to ask for it.

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Something Is Wrong at My House

Something Is Wrong at My House (revised edition) Shows how children suffer when parents fight and how to obtain help. Available in Spanish.

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Something Happened

Something Happened and I’m Scared to Tell Helps victims of abuse describe what happened. Emphasizes that children are not to blame for the abuse. Available in Spanish.

Last updated February 01, 2017