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25 Things to Do
When Grandpa Passes Away,
Mom and Dad Get Divorced, or
the Dog Dies

by Laurie Kanyer, M.A.

illustrated by Jenny Williams

Preface: How to Help Grieving Children

PART ONE: What You Need to Know About Grief
     Basic (and Important) Information About Grief
               How Grieving Children Feel
               How Grieving Children Behave
               How to Help Grieving Children
               Talking About Death and Divorce
               Talking About Pets
               Talking About Feelings
               Social Rituals
               As Time Passes
               When to Get More Help
     Tips for Using the Activities
               Keeping Children Safe
               Activity Symbols

PART TWO: Five Essential Ways to Help Grieving Children
     Person to Person Connections
          Before You Begin
               1. Hand Massage
               2. Playing Beauty Shop or Barber Shop
               3. Breathing and Visualization
               4. Play Acting
               5. Building Trust in the Future
     Soothing Repetitive Activities
          Before You Begin
               6. Rocking Chair Connection
               7. Sand and Water Play
               8. Round and Round with Marbles
               9. Ball Play
               10. Let’s Take a Walk
     Ceremonies, Keepsakes, and Memorials
          Before You Begin
               11. Ceremonies
               12. Balloons Afloat
               13. Keepsakes
               14. Painted Rock Memorial
               15. Memory Book
     Large Muscle Activities
          Before You Begin
               16. Stomping Feet
               17. Gardening
               18. Newspaper Crush and Crumble
               19. Throwing Balls
               20. Rock Pile Memorials
     Small Muscle Activities
          Before You Begin
               21. Drawing Your Grief
               22. Touch of Play Dough
               23. Feeling Faces
               24. Doodling
               25. Time Ball: Memories on a String

Words of Encouragement


Book Cover

Useful for 5–12 years
80 pages
$13.95 paper
$21.95 library

Book Description
Media Kit

About the Author:
Laurie Kanyer, M.A.

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Last updated May 28, 2014