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Parenting is a tough job, and for more than 35 years we at Parenting Press have been creating materials to make the job easier for parents, caregivers, counselors, teachers, and child care professionals. provides you with concrete information and realistic recommendations—in an advertising-free environment. We’re always adding to the site, so bookmark it, come back often, and subscribe to our complimentary weekly tips, monthly newsletter and our social media feeds. As one reader recently wrote us:

I’ve received your e-mails for at least ten years and I don’t remember a month when there wasn’t something that interested me or applied to my situation.

Another site visitor exclaimed:

How have I missed this site? It’s wonderfully packed with accessible tools and information. You have so much to offer!

Founded to publish parenting books that are respectful of both children and parents, that recognize that families have different values and styles, Parenting Press now provides:

  • Weekly tips on handling common child-rearing situations, with an archive of more than 400 suggestions that you can access 24/7 when you need help with toilet training, tantrums, sibling rivalry, lying, cliques and so many other issues
  • “News for Parents,” a complimentary monthly newsletter available online or by e-mail subscription that’s full of book reviews, family activities, craft projects, kid-friendly outings, and community service projects appropriate for families. A special offer in each issue, too!
  • with quick updates on authors and their presentations
  • Facebook with even more information on authors, media appearances, and new books
  • Pinterest with information on books about feelings, special needs and parenting
  • “Instant Help,” with brochures, information sheets and short books that give you help on topics ranging from infant brain development and traveling with children to Internet safety, terrorism and war. And you get this help any time you need it because these publications are downloadable and quick-to-print.
  • The Parent Educator Corner, which provides professionals with a different complimentary two-page information sheet each month for use in classes, counseling and home visits
  • A Parent Advisory Group that allows you to join our virtual community, to review manuscripts under consideration and share your concerns about parenting with the Parenting Press staff

and of course:

  • Parenting guides written by professionals in the field, people who work daily with kids, people who are realistic about children’s temperaments, emotional meltdowns, teaching kids values, and setting limits
  • Children’s books that help kids identify and communicate their feelings, that help kids brainstorm and evaluate alternate solutions to issues such as bullying, impulse control, and coping with anger and disappointment

What’s New

  • Costumes & Coloring Pages: In October Newsletter
  • The Biting Solution: Successful Strategies that Work Fast
  • Information on Autism Symptoms Free for Parent Educators
  • September Newsletter: Raising a Reader, Understanding Temperament
  • Photographs from Your Library Branch
  • August Newsletter: Make Music, Make Bracelets, Get Clutter-free
  • . . . and other news

Got a Kid Who Bites?

Link to book description

Biting is probably the most aggressive toddler behavior that parents and child care providers have to handle. Often, the first bite is a complete surprise: a loving, mild-mannered child takes a chomp—and then won’t stop!

The only new how-to book on stopping the problem, and the only book oriented to adults, The Biting Solution offers recommendations for prevention, immediate intervention and long-term solutions. Author Lisa Poelle, M.A., has spent 25 years working with parents, early childhood professionals and work/life issues, and she provides realistic advice that can stop biting in as little as two weeks.

You can order The Biting Solution now through your local bookseller.

The Way I Feel, The Way I Act Aligned with CCSS

Link to book description

Whether you’re in the classroom or home-schooling, take advantage of the detailed teacher guides for our children’s books.

Link to book description

Besides The Way I Feel and The Way I Act, our most popular books, teacher guides that spell out alignment to the Common Core State Standards are available for many of our other books. While The Way I Feel, its Spanish edition, Así me siento yo, The Way I Act, and the Self-Calming Cards are ideal for feelings and character education units as well as in special needs programs, such titles as Bully on the Bus, Amy’s Disappearing Pickle, and Heidi’s Irresistible Hat help parents and professionals guide kids through issues of bullying.

QWIK Books Provide Concise Information 24/7

Parenting Press’s expanding line of QWIK Books offers concise advice about SIDS, sleep, ADHD, chores and so many other important topics, in books you can access from our web site whenever you need them. Most are also available in traditional printed format. Our newest titles:

Link to book description

Helping Children with Their Feelings

How to help children recognize, express and manage their emotions is outlined in this concise guide, which offers a special emphasis on those children with learning challenges related to autism, ADHD, sensory issues or developmental delays.

Link to book description

ADHD/ADD Medications

What is ADHD? What medications are commonly prescribed? How do they work? These are a few of the many questions answered by Peter Levine, M.D., and Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N., in this concise guide. Based on decades of experience, they explain how medications differ, what risks there are, and if you can expect a child to outgrow ADHD.

Link to book description

14 Ways to Protect Your Baby from SIDS

Two physicians committed to SIDS research, Rachel Y. Moon and Fern R. Hauck, walk prospective parents, parents of infants and caregivers through an introduction to SIDS risk factors. They describe which babies are most vulnerable to SIDS, and point out what traditional baby care practices (bumpers and quilts in cribs, for example, and the family bed) are now discouraged because of the risks to babies.

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Last updated October 01, 2015